Terrible Sci-Fi Titles, Pimp My Novel & Amazon Being Sneaky

  • I've posted (many times) terrible sci-fi covers but what about those titles? Orbit Books solicited ideas and has a short-list of five. The winning terrible title will receive its very own cover c/o Orbit's art department.
  • It's been sixteen years since The Virgin Suicides first came out. "My writing was a private exercise to please myself."? Oh come, don't be modest Jeffrey, you know you were dying to write a bestselling book that would be made into a feature film. Tish.
  • Author Seleema Nawaz on the agonies of judging short story competitions. I have to say, making fun of other people's terrible writing is a sick pleasure. Sad and sick. The way I like it.
  • Pimp My Novel is a hilarious, candid and slightly jaded look at what happens to your book once it's been acquired by a publishing house. Oh yeah, and Christian vampires are the new vampires.
  • What else is Amazon hiding about the Kindle? It can limit your number of downloads of an e-book, snatch away your copy of 1984, can it prohibit DRM-free books from being moved off the Kindle? "Don't Be Evil" - a corporate motto for everyone.
  • Ten of the 20 Globe & Mail bestsellers aren't available on Shortcovers - Index//mb breaks down what e-tailer has the best selection. In other news, reading a full novel on a tiny screen is impossible.

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