On Vacation Tomorrow, On the Menu Today

Just a note to say July 30-August 4 I will be in New Yawk New Yawk HOWEVER, due to the fact that I am an obsessive type-A personality, I have written a few posts to go up automatically in my absence.

On the menu today:
  • The Man Booker longlist has been announced. Of course, prize judges never pick your favourite book, they're ornery like that, so the Guardian is soliciting entries for a Not the Booker Prize.
  • The soon to be published Pictorial Webster's will feature 1500 engravings from 19th century Webster's dicitionaries - a steampunk wet dream!
  • Lauren Conrad's L.A. Candy may be turned into a film - the mind boggles. A real person faking their life on a reality show writes a fake version of their fake life (that may have actually be written by a ghost writer) and then that fake fake version is adapted into a film. Nice.
  • Toronto is getting a new evening daily called t.o.night that will include content from Blog T.O., reports Torontoist. The snarky slant may or may not stem from professional jealousy, though the idea of transplanting online content onto the page does seem a bit backward.
  • George always makes me laugh but his take on Love You Forever made my day. It is sort of creepy, right? I LOVE YOU...FOREVVVERRR......aghhhhhhh....

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