Nick Cave Reads From Upcoming Novel

A few weeks ago I mentioned Nick Cave's upcoming novel called The Death of Bunny Munro in my round-up of fall books.

Irvine Welsh has blurbed the book, saying: "Put Cormac McCarthy, Franz Kafka and Benny Hill together in a Brighton seaside guesthouse and they might just come up with Bunny Munro. A compulsive read possessing all Nick Cave’s trademark horror and humanity, often thinly disguised in a galloping, playful romp."

The Guardian now has an exclusive video of Nick reading from the book. He is a very dramatic reader, Mariah Carey-style hand gestures and all. Work it! I can't embed the video so please mosey along to the Guardian to view it.

There is also a dedicated page for the book here.

[Note: sorry for the shortage of activity over here. I am still guest blogging at Bookninja, oh dear me. Everything will return to normal as of Monday, July 20]

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Angie said...

When you said dramatic style I was instantly thinking of Jessica Simpson - but Mariah Carey is equally dramatic.


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