I Have Too Many Tabs Open in Firefox Thus..

  • I love learning the method behind the madness of cover design. Here, Canadian designer David Gee gives us insight into the new cover for Foreigners (by Stephen Finucan). Finucan's new book, The Fallen, arrives next month.
  • More covers here, 45 of them, in fact. Eye candy to the max. I'm especially partial to Bodies - it's difficult to do the white background creatively anymore. This one does.
  • I'm not done yet. Click through for a video featuring Random House Canada designer C.S. Richardson talking about his ideas on book jacket design.
  • In case you're still experiencing crushing doubt about what to read on the beach, NPR lists 100 beach reads. Is Ayn Rand really beach reading? - maybe for the average NPR listener.
  • The Globe turns the tables and interviews Evie Christie, the blogger who posts photos of writers' work space at Desk Space.
  • Extensive interview with Gil Adamson who confirms that Michael Ondaatje is part of Toronto's 'literary mafia'. Ha.
  • Wow, HarperCollins' new US imprint HarperStudio is not. taking. returns. How is this possible? That's quite the business model.
  • List of 100 best blogs for school librarians. Civilians might find a link or two of interest, as well.
  • This Magazine writer remembers Frank McCourt and says that he was "one of the few people who had the courage to tell the truth about poverty."
  • I love discovering great yet almost forgotten classics - that's why I'm looking forward to a copy of The Hearing Trumpet. NYRB Classics publishes them.
  • Video of Vladimir Nabokov discussing Lolita circa the mid-50's!
  • How do you organize your bookshelf? I'm pretty boring: fiction, non-fiction & poetry, each arranged alphabetically by the last name of the author.

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Joanne said...

Thanks for the great links on book covers. I agree that Bodies is really clever. And I've loved the Brockmeier cover since I first saw it - those hands in the sleeves look so natural at first.


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