Hitchhikers #6, Lions on Sofas & Can-Littish Books

  • You ask, I deliver - Eoin Colfer has written the sixth installment of Douglas Adams's (RIP) Hitchhikers series. It drops this October in Canada and elsewhere. Details here and here.
  • Gil Adamson's lit thriller The Outlanderhas been optioned for the big screen. "Run Lola Run Meets Petticoats!" the ads should say.
  • Stranger With My Face ring a bell? Wizened YA classics that will bring on a rush of nostalgia.
  • Font nerd? Then you'll love these 50 tacky yet brilliant vintage typefaces.
  • Miss California gets a book deal. She's the chick who spoke out gay marriage. Hate speech is not free speech, you twit.Link
  • Genre-bending fiction called 'interstitial' defies niche marketing and solicits your support. Great collage cover.
  • Amateur Barbarianscover posted on the Book Bench is brilliant. Please note the framed lion cub on the wall.
  • Jacket Copy, the LA Times book blog, offers up 61 essential post-modern reads. And yes, it did all start with Tristram Shandy(I'm going to have to blog about this book sometime. It was one of those books that made taking English Lit so worth it). Via The Second Pass.
  • I love Canadian literary fights! This year had been good for them. Columnist Barbara Kay called fellow Post reporter Katherine Laidlaw's review profile of Februaryauthor Lisa Moore "gushy." She accused the novel of being too 'Can-Littish' and thus promoting"navel-gazing narrative stasis." I'll be reviewing February in the next couple of weeks and I'll let you know whether that's fair comment. Seeing as Kay hasn't actually read the book, I think not.
  • Yann Martel's new novel will also feature animals. If it ain't broke...
  • The cover of Robert Wiersema's upcoming novella is fairly rad. A limited edition hardcover will also be available.
  • That Amazon would wipe Orwell's 1984, of all things, from all Kindles is a little too cute for words, oh wait I mean a little too stupid for words.
  • Sartorialist book set to drop August 18th! First peek at the book by Scott Schuman, himself.


saleema said...

Oh, I think the Sartorialist event in Toronto would be so fun! Damn!

Tarquin said...

This appeared on Make literally the day after the deletion: http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2009/07/how_to_-_read_george_orwells_1984_o.html. Sweet revenge. Thanks for the link roundup. Maybe I'll see you at the Sartorialist thing.

GM said...

Hey, are you trying to put me out of business with all them links? Thanks for blogging over at Bookninja the last two weeks. You were great.


B.Kienapple said...

Yes yes YES I have managed to score passes to the private evening event! I hear, though, and you probably did too, that he'll be at the Drake around 10pm.

George: Thanks! And - I tried to approximate you when at BN and could not! I think I'll stick to my quirky niche. :)


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