Give Me a Mojito, Some Shade & A Damn Good Book

As much as I like to read books that lay waste to my expectations, zap my synapses into action and add new dimensions to my existence, sometimes I want to read a book that does all the work itself. By this I mean entertain me within an inch of my life and not demand that I spend my spare time trying to unravel its ever so tricky framework, metaphors and allusions.

I'm reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo right now and it is such a beast.

Also falling into the brainless yet totally satisfying category: The Outlander series. Yes, I'm talking time travel, Scottish history, kilts, daring escapes, breathless romance, the whole nine yards. And now, if you have never had the pleasure of losing yourself in this addictive series, you can win the entire set! Thanks to The Outlander Challenge for this indulgent offer.

Oh yeah, and the secret behind these 'brainless' books? They're secretly smart, they just don't get in your face about it.

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