Final Book in the Anne of Green Gables Series To Be Released This Fall

That's right, you crazy Anne fans, a final book. Titled The Blythes Are Quoted, the book has been previously been published (in 1974) but never in its full form (which includes pieces of poetry, vignettes sand short stories). It will be released in Canada in October of this year. The novel will be the 9th and final installment in the Anne series (the series' 100 year anniversary was last year. A prequel by Budge Wilson titled Before Green Gables was published to coincide with this event).

The final novel is to contain 'darker' themes but as this recent Guardian article notes, darker themes are not unknown to L.M. Montgomery's work. In the course of the series, Anne struggles with loss, romantic entanglements and attempting to balance her work as a writer with married life (issues Montgomery herself dealt with). That Montgomery's death was a suicide (revealed just last year) is reason enough to believe that the author and her works are not the paragons of sunny old-fashioned charm that they are so often ascribed to be. Indeed, this is why the books resonate to this day, with both adults and children - they talk down to neither, nor pretend that life is charmed, but, with their streaks of reckless fancy, leave us dreaming and hopeful always.

Here's one of the covers as I remember them, as part of my old box set, sitting in my hometown of Avondale. I really need to get that back...

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karen said...

you and i definitely have the same box set. i re-read it every couple of years, ideally in a hammock at the cottage.


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