Delicious New Cronenberg Adaptation, French Food & Can Con Cookbooks

  • I love Mary Roach too but I'm not sure if I want to hear her say 'female erection'.
  • Totally unrelated but Elle Macpherson can eat my shit because she thinks feminism is meaningless. Would it still be meaningless to you if someone told you you couldn't work because your place was to marry?
  • Back to books. David Cronenberg is set to adapt the 2003 novel Cosmopolis by Don DeLillo to film. Metafiction plus Cronenberg equals delicious, tangled, dark weirdness.
  • The New Yorker did a massive takedown of the Kindle, no feelings spared. For example, "The Kindle DX ($489) doesn't save newspapers; it diminishes and undercuts them-it kills their joy. It turns them into earnest but dispensable blogs." The fact that the version of the NYT on the Kindle is so terrible may have had some influence but in the end, the issue is lack of imagination on the part of newspapers, not of the Kindle specifically.
  • Delicious round-up of 13 Can-con cookbook superstars. I would add Anne Lindsay's New Light Cooking to the mix. When I was wee, through her delicious and easy to follow recipes, she convinced me that healthy food wasn't all icky.
  • Joe Clark's review of the new Bloor-Gladstone library. My review: Knoll chairs? Pass!
  • A video imagining of the future of the book (looking safely book-like but with some rather iPhone-like capability). Also, wouldn't it be nice to be chic and French?
  • Except now the French would rather eat a Big Mac than artisanal food and so the old food culture is dying off, as reported in a new book Au Revoir to All That.

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