Bright Star: "where but to think is to be full of sorrow"

That I might drink, and leave the world unseen/And with thee fade away into the forest dim.

Jane Campion, you understand that I wanted to move past petticoats and poetry, to embrace something a little more urbane, to stop yearning after tearful scenes in flower-strewn fields, and then you come along and drop this melodramatic bomb about John Keats' doomed love affair (to say nothing of his doomed life) and I'm going to have to go see it and start my sighing and wistful thinking all over again.

I understand this is what you do, and what you do so well, but I also want to know why poetry is magical and beautiful when accompanied by horse-drawn carriages and so unsellable in an age of Prius's and internet connections? Should we start forcing all poets to wear a uniform of billowing shirts and breeches? I know not.

You can visit The Afterword for actual information about this film. Poetry here. See you at the premiere!


I Heart Monster said...

Ooooooooo now I'm all excited for this film. Thanks for the trailer :o)

saleema said...

I'm excited for this movie, too! Just two nights ago I finally (how many years late??) watched the Piano and was amazed at how lovely it was.


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