B Over At BookNinja, Plus ACBA Preview

For the next two weeks I'll be guest blogging at BookNinja so please mosey over there for all your book news needs: www.bookninja.com

But! I'll still be posting reviews over here, though posting will be a little sparser until July 17th.

Look for:
  • A review of Black Hole, the horror-ific graphic novel recently named one of the 10 best graphic novels over at the CBC Book Club.
  • The first installment in my survey of the Amazon First Novel shortlist. Reading By Lightning by Joan Thomas is first to the plate.
  • The lowdown on the Scream Literary Festival in Toronto, hopefully with pics.
  • And more. . .


avisannschild said...

Congrats on being one of the guest bloggers at BookNinja by the way! (I wasn't a subscriber, but now I am!)

Rella said...
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Rella said...

I really really really didn't like black hole, it made me cringe, but you know what? It sticks in my mind and I will re-read it.....sometimes negative reactions are good.
whoops I accidentally dragged something weird into the post...hahaha

B.Kienapple said...

Thanks for the congrats!
Black Hole had the same nauseating affect on me but I liked it all the same because I thought it was trying for this to make a point about alienation and not just to be gross.


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