An Apple E-Reader? Please Say It's So!

AppleInsider is reporting that Apple has plans to release a tablet-style device in early 2010 with e-reader functionality.

The device, 10 inches and 3G-enabled, would most likely resemble a large iPod touch.

Development has been ongoing for the past two years but as we know, if it ain't right, Steve Jobs has got to fire somebody. It's possible the R&D team has changed several times in the process.

In order to beat off this tsunami Amazon has to hire God as their publicist, Sony has to hire a publicist period and all the other devices without major corporate backing well, I hope you enjoyed the ride. The Apple device will have to have a colour screen, it will have to be streamlined and it will have to be well-integrated and therefore, it will do a lot of butt-kicking because the other guys just aren't there.

Thanks for the Book Bench for this tip.

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