Your E-Reader, Your Book Club

Social networking sites and book clubs aren't really the same animal but the former does offer some advantages over the latter. You don't need to worry about offending your slightly stupid acquaintance with your witty remarks about literary devices and character development. You don't have to make a bundt cake or host anything at your house.

I, for one, love the convenience of such sites as LibraryThing for getting suggestions of what to read (and what not to) on the spot.

I also love the convenience of iPhone apps that have a similar functionality. For example, Yelp allows users to rate restaurants and write reviews and it even shows what's close to you in your current location.

The promise of combining these two things is intoxicating and it looks like it'll be here sooner than you may think.

The German company Txtr is developing a device that is looking to revolve around social networking, including access to Facebook and Twitter and being able to rate e-books and share recommendations. It will even allow users to sync their devices using Bluetooth or Wi-fi.

Being able to easily purchase and add apps made iPhone (over Blackberry). Embracing ease of customization and information sharing will make whatever model of e-reader that chooses to do so.

Via Gadget Lab

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