Twilight Obsession Explained and Is Offensive

I usually read the blog Elements of Style for the decor porn but I was happy to see someone else take a crack at why Twilight is insanely popular, especially since the writing is so bland, the lead character (Bella) is so insipid, and the plots are so meandering.

Like every other love lorn teenage girl out there I've read the books (or at least the first two). This means that even I am infected with whatever is wrong with the female gender.

Apparently, the key to the craze is Edward's (the vampire love interest) perfect blend of heroism, emotional candor, strength and attractiveness.

So here's the deal with Edward, for those not in the know like my brother. He causes such a stir because his character is the perfect man. He's handsome, wealthy, romantic and devoted. The mysterious, brooding bad boy who writes lullabies on the piano for his girlfriend but also rips out the throats of bad guys in defense of her honor...It's an escapist fantasy that allows you forget all the bull going on in your life and just enjoy the pleasure of a hot, undead teenager who would kill people for you and then buy you a brand new Audi for your birthday.

On second thought, I really hate this explanation. Is this really all I am conditioned for - an incomprehensible man with an anger management problem who enjoys giving inappropriately large gifts? Zeus!

At least this post redeems itself by showing pics of the Cullens' (vampire family) modern palace from the film. All that glass and natural THAT is something worth getting hot under the collar for!

Via Elements of Style


Marci said...

Yeah, I really don't either. It is making it almost "normal" for the guy that is the "perfect one" to do everything and THEN go and give you an expensive car. What is he hiding?? is what comes to mind for me.

Joanne said...

Edward as the perfect man?! Bwaahaahaa - he's sure not my idea of one. I thought he was a total douche :P

But that house is perfect, there are quite a few around here (mostly oceanfront) that are similar in design.

B.Kienapple said...

I'm actually from Nova Scotia as well. So owning one of these houses, preferably oceanfront, is pretty much my greatest goal in life.


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