Oprah's Summer Reading List: Mark Me a Fool, But I'm Intrigued

Oprah/Oprah's staff is no fool - her list of 25 picks for summer reading is a surprising (or dare I say, inspired) mix of fiction, non-fiction and poetry, both classics and new releases, from both independent and major publishers (though the list leans more toward the latter).

I'd love to be able to make this list my summer challenge but I've already committed to the Amazon First Novel shortlist and I don't want to get too crazy here. Let's just say that I will be reading some of these books and reporting back.

What I'm stoked for:
1. Yes, My Darling Daughterby Margaret Leroy
2. Columbineby Dave Cullen
3. The Glisterby John Burnside
4. The Peep Diariesby Hal Niedzviecki (Canadian author!)
5. A Meaningful Lifeby L.J. Davis

Bring on the hate.

Via Oprah's Website, yo

EDIT: Hal Niedzviecki blogged about being included in Oprah's list on the Globe & Mail website. He thinks it's an honour. So do I.


Diane said...

thanks for the link, i appreciate it.

Joanne said...

Such a random list, that it has to have at least one book that appeals to everyone.
I'd printed the list out and stuck it by our Oprah shelf at work. Some of my customers automatically loved it because it was Oprah approved. Others sneered. My favorite response was the lady who said "If a pile of sh*t had an Oprah sticker on it, people would riot to own it." lol :)


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