My Sister's Keeper: "Kids Are People Too And Sometimes People Suck"

Jezebel has a wild article today about My Sister's Keeper: A Novel, by Jodi Picoult, soon to be a film.

I have been intrigued by this book as it's about a child conceived to be a donor match for her older sister with leukemia. I realize the strange necessity in this but it also strikes me as weird and creepy to the max.

Jezebel has chosen to discuss how My Sister's Keeper is an emblem of our fascination with children in peril.

And, in typical fashion, they went for the NO B.S. approach:

The truth is, children are plenty evil. They're vulnerable, certainly, but they're not necessarily innocent, and while they are definitely deserving of protection, we can never protect them as much as we want. Our fascination with failures of protection stems not from how children actually are, but how we've come to see them, as paragons of all that is innocent and good — until suddenly they're not. "Children in peril" stories become stories of absolute good versus absolute evil, stories that make the universe seem comfortingly simple.

On another note, did anyone read this book? Did you like it?

Via Jezebel

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Joanne said...

Haven't read this book yet, but I plan to. The book appeals to me not for the child-in-peril theme, but for the controversy surrounding having genetically modified babies as a medical treatment for existing children/family members.

I do agree with the Jezebel statement that children are plenty evil - in my opinion the kids who knowingly take advantage of the protection society provides them with are the most evil.

My youngest son was violently attacked by a twelve year old boy. We contacted the police and were told we could do nothing except make a report. The twelve year old boy even approached me physically - saying if I so much as held him back he'd have me locked up!


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