Martina Cole: "Men Are Frightened of Me"

The Guardian has a hilarious interview with bestselling British crime writer Martina Cole up on their website. I've never heard of Ms. Cole before but she is a real firecracker and a tried and true feminist to boot. It's refreshing to hear a female author just shoot the shit, no holds barred, no apologies.

Among the gems in this article:

"The Booker prize money wouldn't even keep me in cigarettes."
"I love work. I do. I'm a worker. I'd take work over a man any day. I'm a patron of Women's Aid and I've always believed you can't put your happiness in someone else's hands. And I think that's what happens. Young gels are brought up with Cinderella and everything like that. And boys are brought up with wank mags.

"All my friends were like, "I'm having a winter wedding.' And, "I'm going to have a summer wedding with roses and everything.' And they'd say, "What about you? And I'd say, 'I'm going to have a good job and have my own flat and a convertible.'"


Via The Guardian

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