The Literary Side of Pride

I sort of dislike Pride Toronto, mostly because it takes place right outside my balcony. I live a stone's throw from Church & Wellesley and Pride turns me into that crotchety old man who complains about "those damn kids making all that racket." Also, it makes me think of my unknowing pseudo-husband:

Brian: I'll be glad when Pride's over so we can all go back to being ashamed.
Justin: You're just grumpy 'cause you had to look after Gus all day and no one hit on you.
Brian: Plenty of people hit on me. Unfortunately, they all happened to be lesbians wanting my sperm.

Thankfully, a couple of my favorite authors will be reading at Pride this year so I'm happy to call it even.

-June 27 at the James Canning Gardens Stage, 3pm: Zoe Whittall, among others. Check out my review of The Night Is a Mouth.
-June 28 at the James Canning Gardens Stage, 3pm: Zoe Whittall and also Canada Reads 2009 nominee Brian Francis, author of Fruit: A novel about a boy and his nipples, another favorite book of mine.

Also happening:
-TINARS event for She's Shameless: Women write about growing up, rocking out and fighting back(June 23, Gladstone, 8pm)

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