Literary Cakes! Can I Just Die and Go to Heaven Now?

Cake Wrecks has an exquisite selection of photos of cakes made to look like kids lit characters or covers. Mr. Hungry Caterpillar himself is the most adorable and possibly the most edible. I'm not really into 'cutesy' but this just takes the cake har har har.

(PS: 'literary cakes' now has its own tag so if you see any cakes or make any cakes that are vaguely literary, I want photos!)

Thanks to BookLounge for the tip (via Twitter @booklounge)


Joanne said...

That is awesome! I'm going to have to try and make a Where The Wild Things Are cake now :)

The best thing about the Hungry Caterpillar cake is that it's so easy to serve pieces of a cupcake-cake - no cutting or dishes.

Luanne said...

That one's fantastic. My library has a fundraiser called books2Eat. Here's some of the pictures from last year's event. ( This year's didn't have as many cake pictures)

click here

B.Kienapple said...

Wow Luanne! I hope it's OK if I go ahead and post about this. The Dr. Seuss cake is way too awesome not to have its own post.


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