Kindle DX Full Review on Gizmodo

If you're as obsessed as me with e-readers and the fight to the death among various models for supremacy, you will want to check out Gizmodo's full review of the Kindle DX.

This thing is massive. It looks like what someone from 1952 would have drawn as the electronic reading device of the future.

Most hilarious of all, though, is the fact that apparently, in some camps, the DX is hoped to be the savior of journalism as it's wireless and distributes a number of newspapers.

Gizmodo very succinctly cuts through the crap on that one. If Olds were looking for a device to replicate the experience of reading a print newspaper, they got the wrong Jesus here.

Via Gizmodo

PS: If you want to nerd out even further, Gadget Lab's article on why e-readers are so slow to adopt colour displays is required reading. Short answer: the e-ink technology (that lovely invention that requires low battery power and produces minimal glare) makes colours look dull.

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