Hey, Happy Pride! Just came back from seeing Lisa Foad (check out my review of The Night Is A Mouth) and Shani Mootoo read. I gotta tell you, though, it was little hot and a lot loud to sit through two 20 minute readings. I'm not sure the vamped up energy of Pride is suited to the more subdued pleasures of literary readings.

This week was amazing, surprising and a little overwhelming - all good things. First off, from July 2-16 I will be guest blogging at Bookninja, taking over from the inimitable George, who will be away in Ireland. Myself and four others, shepherded by author Robert Wiersema, will be dishing out books news. Fear not, I'll still be putting up reviews here, but things might get a little slow due to the absurdity that is working full-time and blogging double-time. Thank you to everyone who voted and for your kind words! I'm beyond excited to have been given this opportunity.

Second, I won the Anansi Magic Bus contest. This Monday I will be riding the bus up to the beautiful new McNally Robinson bookstore up at Don Mills in Toronto. On the bus will be authors Emily Schutz, Karen Solie, Shani Mootoo and Lisa Moore. I'll be reporting back (with pics!) to you next week on what happened.

Third, thanks to the magic of Google Alerts, authors have been heading over to comment on my reviews of their books. This is, I admit, slightly unnerving but hey, fair game! Thank you to Graham Rawle (Woman's World) and Susan Gunelius (Google Blogger for Dummies) for taking the time to stop by.

Have a great weekend, folks.

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