Google Blogger for Dummies

Recently I reviewed The Huffington Post Guide to Blogging and while it huffed and puffed a lot about itself, I didn't find it extremely helpful for my purposes.

Google Blogger for Dummies has this going for it: it's written in clear language, it takes you through tasks step-by-step and it covers the gamut of what you need to know to take advantage of Blogger's functionality.

However, this book seems geared more towards an older, less Net-literate audience. Could you possibly imagine having to be guided through how to set up a Blogger account? What about how to add images to your posts? Or ever wondered what Twitter is?

Despite this lowest common denominator approach (it's ain't called for Dummies for nuthin'), there is still valuable information to be had. Blogging King and Queens beware, I've only been at this for six months so I'd classify myself as intermediate, at best.

Most helpful:
-Search engine optimization including keyword analysis
-How to properly use the most popular gadgets
-Ad options (convinced me, more than ever, that ads are tacky until you can get them from reputable sources once you've built a significant following)
-How to integrate podcasts and videocasting into your posts

I recommend Google Blogger for Dummies for its thorough approach to fully taking advantage of Blogger's ample functionality. Those looking for more advanced instructions, such as the ins and outs of CSS, should look elsewhere.

Google Blogger For Dummies/ Susan Gunelius / Wiley / PB, 2009


Susan Gunelius said...

Thank you for the review of my book. You're absolutely right that this book is written for blogging beginners. The Dummies books are intended for a novice audience. I was able to include a few advanced topics such as monetization and promotion, but primarily, the content is for the complete blogging novice.

Joanne said...

I think what makes the "For Dummies" books so great is that they do give answers to very simple queries. But there's also useful information the more advanced user may have missed too.

B.Kienapple said...

My first reaction here is that simple processes, like signing up for a Blogger account, should be intuitive, like all good programming and design and therefore Blogger must be flawed if this process needs to be explained. Second, I felt that the book was definitely skewed toward an older audience that has not grown up with the Internet. More attention was paid to very basic details and less to functions like editing templates using HTML. Gen Y's idea of a basic guide is different than that of Boomers, I do think.


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