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It's that time again, the time when the leaves are waxy and new, when the city is warm and not a cross between scorching and suffocating, when the birds chirp happily in the trees. It is also the the time where I lazily round-up other people's good work and then pat myself on the back for providing guidance and content.

1) Fans of the Toronto Public Library: a slightly crotchety yet affectionate look at a local institution. Evaluates aesthetic appeal, efficiency and diversity of materials at various branches. No detail is too small whether it be the sad gray colour of a particular carpet or the mysterious workings of the inter-library loan system (such a beast exists!)

2) Booksin140: At BookCampTO we discussed the viability of the long review on the web and true, I like in-depth pieces, but sometimes, my damn eyes hurt, and I just want an espresso shot's worth of information. So book reviews written in 140 characters and terse interviews are pretty much perfect for this need.

3) Mini Book Expo: Free books for bloggers! MBE is on hiatus right now but I'm confidant this very ambitious project will be back for more. Run by the very busy Alexa Clark.

4) LibriVox: Another cool grassroots project. Anyone can record and upload audiobooks onto this site, as long as the books are in the public domain. Honestly, I think the world isn't ready for my dramatic reading (or would it be a re-telling?) of Pride & Prejudice.

5) Paperback Swap: Send used books to people via mail. Earn credits. Redeem credits to order books. God love the Internet!


Sheri S. said...

Great links! I just wanted to point out that there are a few other book swapping sites in addition to Paperbackswap, particularly one called Bookmooch ( that is open to international members so Canadians can join in on the fun.

B.Kienapple said...

I wasn't aware that Paperbackswap isn't open to Canadians. Thanks for the tip. I've heard that Bookmooch is fairly awesome.


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