The Best of the Interwebs This Week

-The National Post is running a contest where they ask for three books you plan to read this summer. Prize is a bag o'books. Moi? :
1. Winifred Gallagher's Rapt
2. Robert Thaler's Nudge
3. Steig Larsson's The Girl Who Played With Fire

-The Book Mine Set blog has a run down of the Yellowknife Writers Fest complete with pics of Joseph Boyden getting friendly with the author's cheek

-The XX Factor (Slate's challenge to Jezebel) says Nora Roberts is cool. She certainly is no nonsense.

-Penelope Trunk's fantastic Brazen Careerist blog gives the lowdown on new Bloomsbury title The Tall Book. Not suprisingly, being tall is a huge advantage in the workplace but Penelope gives some tips on how to get your tall on, without growth hormones.

-AIGA has selected its 50 Books/50 Covers for 2008. Visual feast.

-NPR asked indie booksellers for their summer reading picks for 2009. Some really interesting titles here.

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