Print On Demand On the Up Up Up

Publishers Weekly is reporting that production of print on demand or short run books increased by 132% last year.


George over at Bookninja protests that the traditional gatekeepers of publishing (i.e. editors) are necessary to weed out dredge.

What do you think?

We all know that some shining stars have emerged from the growing pool that is self-publishing, such as The Shack (I really liked this book, despite its Christian bent. I thought it was subversive and gamely tackled tough issues that confound many of us, such as: how can their be such rampant evil if God supposedly exists?).

I believe that self-publishing allows authors that wouldn't normally be published, what for political reasons or lack of connections, through traditional means. Saying that we should shun self-published books is like saying that we shouldn't read blogs or twitter feeds, only newspapers or their online equivalents.

On the other hand, I haven't read a lot of self-published books lately. I can only imagine what's out there. Yet, I seem to wade through the crap that exists online; people will be able to similarly find their own way with books.

Via Publisher's Weekly

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