Fall 2009 Sneak Peek

I happened to stumble upon Cassandra Sadek's blog during some work-related browsing of the Interwebs which renewed my flame for the blockbuster season of book publishing - fall.

We already know Dan Brown's frickin' book is coming (says my GF, The Da Vinci Code was so well liked because it made dumb people feel smart. I haven't read it but the movie sucked so, I dunno. Am I annoying you? Let's keep going here.)

How did I miss the news that a prequel to Margaret Atwood's sci-fi stunner Oryx and Crake is coming? That is amazing! Except that I felt that Oryx and Crake had the same tone as The Road, except The Road did it better. Apparently, the prequel, called The Year of the Flood, is going to focus on a community of survivors called God's Gardeners who escaped the environmental disaster depicted in Oryx and Crake.

Also coming: book 7 in Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series (the question is, will it break the 1500 page mark? I'm rooting for you, Diana!), a new contribution from our favourite Christian convert, Anne Rice, something from Anne Murray ("no comment", said in a snarky tone) and new Douglas Coupland. Cool.

Also also, the authorized sequel to Dracula by Bram Stoker's descendant, Dacre Stoker, is landing around Halloween. It's called The Un-Dead. It'll feature some of the same characters and plot lines. Oh and it will NOT be in epistolatory form like its predecessor, thank heavens. A film version is slotted to start shooting next month.

Also also also, the sixth book in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy will be making an appearance. It's called And Another Thing and has been written by Eion Colfer due to Douglas Adams' demise. No details have been released about this puppy..nada! It is under strict lock and key! They wouldn't even tell us anything at sales conference. All I know is that the cover is rad.

Also look for new books by Patricia Cornwell, Sue Monk Kidd and J.K. Rowling.

PS: You can pre-order Dan Brown's new book HERE. Oh come on, just click it!

Here's the And Another Thing cover.

Via Literalicious


karen said...

more outlander? wheee!

and that *is* a rad cover. (i particularly like 'part six of three')

Luanne said...

The Stoker looks really good. For some reason I own all the Outlander books. Have I read them - no. I'm still waiting for the right time. Four of them are in paperback, so if I wait miuch longer, I'll need a magnifying glass.
Very interesting that Colfer is taking over Hitchhiker.

Joanne said...

I think my heart nearly stopped for a minute there! A new Atwood is fabulous, but a prequel to Oryx & Crake is bloody fantastic! And a new Coupland!
As for the new Dan Brown... if I bought it I would also have to buy a budgie bird in order to have a birdcage in which to put the ripped out pages in as a crap catcher :?

B.Kienapple said...

Luanne-Outlander is a daunting series, wait for cottage season.
Joanne - I know! The Atwood has me super excited, I'm glad she chose to continue this story. Hold on with the budgie bird - you'd have to buy the book first.


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