Fall 2009 Sneak Peek Take II

Since only two publishers were represented in the last round up, I decided to get all research-y and give due recognition to a few other titles landing in fall 2009. Due to the fact that I am not clinically insane, I'll stick to Canadian lists only.

Nick Cave, the renowned songwriter and musician, has a novel coming out called The Death of Bunny Munroabout a disturbed salesman with a dark past searching for redemption. Best cover ever.
OK, I'm making one exception to the Canadian list thing: Cheerful Money: Me, My Family, and the Last Days of Wasp Splendorby New Yorker staff writer Tad Friend about the highs and lows of WASP culture, with his family as the prime example (his father was president of Swarthmore College). I love WASPS. I have to love them, I am one, but I'm not one of those old-school American ones. They do WASP-y the way it should be - full tilt. If you share my fascination you need to be reading this blog.

Governor General's finalist Cordelia Strube is back with what I hope is a tart, bordering on sour, novel called Lemon. Lemon is a high school misfit with three moms, a bad attitude and a love for Mary Wollstonecraft. Life is hard, as it tends to be when you're an adolescent, but Lemon seems like the sort that will confront it with appropriate irreverence.

Wait for it, wait for it..Zoe Whittall's new novel will be published by Anansi. Bottle Rocket Hearts was punky, fresh and a hell of a lot of fun to read and I hope Holding Still For As Long as Possible will be the same. The premise is that the relationship between three Toronto hipsters goes haywire after a freak accident.

Arsenal Pulp Press has a new addition (NSFW?) to its Little Sister's classics, LGBT classics that are being reissued by Arsenal to give queer classics a leg up. *polite applause*. Also there's The Mere Future, a re-imagining of a perfect NYC where rent is cheap, homelessness is over and everyone works in Marketing (ha!). Of course, something isn't quite right... Oh and this is a debut short story collection but I love the cover and the author, Rhonda Waterfall, wins for best name.

I'd like to start reading these all now so I can be done by next spring.


Cheese said...

Wow, looks good on Zoe Whittall - I didn't see a single bad review of Bottle Rocket Hearts. Another great one poached from Cote? I guess that's just the way it is. Premise for the new one looks great.

Diane said...

Death of Bunny M...such a great cover!

Luanne said...

Okay The Death of Bunny Munro is a must read for me now!


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