Emily The Strange..the Novel

No joke, the novel Emily The Strange: The Lost Daysis coming June 2009.

Emily the Strange merch way over saturated the market not too long ago but the original emo girl appears to be in vogue again. Either that or Harperteen is way late to the game.

I'm terrified that they'll make Emily into some Avril faux counter-culture drone yet, thank heavens, the plot description, wonderfully snarky, offers a glimmer of hope:

Emily the Strange: 13 years old. Able to leap tall buildings, probably, if she felt like it. More likely to be napping with her four black cats; or cobbling together a particle accelerator out of lint, lentils, and safety pins; or rocking out on drums/ guitar/saxophone/zither; or painting a swirling feral sewer mural; or forcing someone to say "swirling feral sewer mural" 13 times fast . . . and pointing and laughing.

Daria Morgendorffer would approve.

[ED UPDATE: there's a totally sweet giveaway of this book over at I Heart Monster.]

Here's some background info on the character from one of the writers of this book and previous Emily comic books, Jessica Gruner. She looks eerily similar to both a grown-up Emily and Meg White. Warning she says 'FUNNER' aaaghh.

More info at HarperTeen.

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I Heart Monster said...

I'm totally excited about this book :o) I'm even doing a giveaway on my blog to coincide with its release date.


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