Cool-er Reader Cooler Indeed

I don't know why the Kindle hogs all the e-reader related press - there are other options out there and they're coming thick and fast.

The Cool-er hails from the UK and is positioning itself as the less expensive, less bulky and more flexible version of the Kindle.

1) Titles: 260,000 titles will be available from US publishers (10,000 more than the Kindle). Price per e-book will be comparable to those for the Kindle.
2) Cost: $249 USD
3) Weight: 5.65 oz
4) File format: Epub, the standard format at the moment. Amazon's Kindle only supports their exclusive .axw format.
5) Appearance: iPod-alicious! Eight colours.
6) Techie details: same eink screen as the Kindle, removable recharchable battery, 1GB memory, headphone socket, memory card slot, works in eight languages.
7) Available in Canada? TBD. Available in the US and Europe in June.

Via Treehugger
Via Financial Times

[EDIT: the National Post picked up this story! Please go visit the Afterword, the sweet NP book blog.]

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