Cookbook Cosmic Power, Itty Bitty App

Are you intimidated by large cookbooks? What about any cookbook at all? I am. I am intimidated by the culinary arts and the expectations that I too should know how to feed myself.

Somehow when I get a recipe off the Internet it feels more friendly and approachable.

This is why a new Epicurious app for the iPhone is a super idea. It allows you to search the ENTIRE contents of Ruth Reichl's monster Gourmet cookbook. Pick a recipe and save it to your favourites or add it to your shopping list. This genius app will then organize the ingredients by department for ease of shopping ex: produce, meats, bulk candy...

Technology wins again!

Also also, if you're a fan of Ruth Reichl and in Toronto, she's here on May 5th and doing an event at the Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre. Deets here. This promotion has been brought to you by the letter Y!

Via Gizmodo

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