Breaking News: The Kindle DX Cometh!

It's officially coming and it's been unveiled - the Kindle DX, the 3rd generation of the e-book reader by Amazon.

It'll be $489 USD and starts shipping this summer. No word on whether it'll be available in Canada.

So what's new with the DX - well for starters it's bigger, 9.7" diagonally.

It's also no longer just an e-book reader, it supports textbooks, cookbooks and computer books all in a lovely palette of 16 shades of gray. [ed note: for f's sake why is it not in colour? The technology exists! I want a straight answer on this one. I'm talking to you, Amazon. Comment in my blog. I really want to know].

The whole deal-io with this DX is that they want to expand the e-reader's functionality to attract newspaper, magazine and academic readers as well as book readers.

For students, this is a Godsend. Finally, textbooks should be available at cheaper prices without going to your local shady copy shop and getting a photocopied version from under the counter.

For magazine and newspaper readers this is a head-scratcher. Are we supposed to be reading the digital replica of the print version? Do we want to? [ed note: I don't want to. I want searchability, I want commenting, I want ease of browsing without holding a giant Commodore-sized e-reader in my lap].

Well, Oprah bring on your endorsement, sell more of these suckers and then I hope, like a defective branch of hominids, this mode of technology dies off and we get e-readers that actually know how to forge metal and build fires.

More photos below.

Via Publisher's Weekly
Via Amazon

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Rella said...

I don't know how I feel about this.....


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