Bookarmy - March to the Tune of Your Own Literary Stylings

I was kind of hoping something would pop out on 'the wire' today (I will henceforth refer to my Google Reader as 'the wire' to sound like a proper person of the world) however, nada.

Therefore, I will have to begrudgingly share with you a recent discovery via the coolest person I know - the other person who lives in my house.

Social networking sites for books abound and now there's a new player in town: bookarmy. It's slightly different in that other sites, like LibraryThing, focus on building a (duh) virtual library, while bookarmy is the place to share and review recommendations, all laid out in an easy-to-navigate format.

It also has user-rated author profiles and author videos to help you get that much closer to your chosen personal savior.

The coolest thing is that since it's in the Beta phase right now, they're giving away free books to the top reviewers. A quiz section is also devoted to giveaways. Me likey!

Get involved. No conformity or icky green uniforms required.

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