Bizarro Cult Fiction, Anyone?

Boing Boing alerted me to a new novel called Shatnerquake where all the characters William Shatner has ever played are sucked into our world.

I'm not a Shatner fan but I am interested in this Eraserhead Press that is publishing this book.

Eraserhead is run by out of Portland, Oregon by Rose O'Keefe and Carlton Mellick III. What's interesting about them is that they only publish one author at a time, thus working to build that author into a cult figure.

Founded in 1999 as an alternative to mainstream publishing, Mellick himself was the first project (he now makes his living as a writer), then Kevin L. Donihe and they're looking for their next. I haven't heard of either of these authors but then again, I've never read Janet Evanovitch before either.

Carlton's books are described as "trashy, avant-punk satires set in surreal versions of modern America."

Granted, I'm cranky this morning, but doesn't this just sound like a bunch of self-serving bullshit to you? I like to challenge the establishment as well but there's making a point and then there's wanking to your own point. I dare anyone to tell me these books are actually any good instead of just giving a bunch of publishing weirdos something to talk about in a back room bar over cut-rate beer.

PS: Apologies for the lack of reviews lately. I just read three really crappy books in a row and felt no need to rake them over the coals. I'm on to something excellent right now though and will share next week.

Via Boing Boing


Anonymous said...

I think you may have stumbled onto an old Eraserhead page. You should check out for more updated information. Eraserhead Press doesn't publish just one author at a time. This year, they're releasing books by at least eight or nine authors.

Joanne said...

Well, I can say that I've read quite a bit of bizarro and I enjoy it - but then my taste leans toward the weird or unusual. I'd agree pretty much 100% with the quote you included - for a good dose of Mellicks' social satire try out Menstruating Mall - my fave so far. Or for really bizarre try Baby Jesus Butt-Plug, although I still haven't figured that one out yet (o.O)


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