Anywhere But Here - Monday's Photo of the Day

Ah, it's finally spring in Toronto, heavens be praised. Finally, sitting outside and reading is possible and all the pleasures associated with it. I'm just in the middle of setting up my balcony with garden and chairs, a table to host a stack of books and a cup of coffee. That's where you'll find me this summer! However, I have a thing for weeping willows so I wouldn't mind sitting here by this calm lake.

[ Though willows are forever scary to me in any literary context thanks to Browning
Drenched willows flung them headlong in a fit
Of route despair, a suicidal throng:
The river which had done them all the wrong,
Whate'er that was, rolled by, deterred no whit.

So I guess I'd be reading something creepy like Dark Water (review to come this week).

Thanks to Kakyou at deviantART for Reading By The Lake.

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