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Flashlight Worthy Books is a fun web site, full of recommendations, but palatable ones (unlike those of your co-worker who keeps threatening to lend you her copy of The Power of Now).

Right now I like this list of the BEST sci-fi books. While they may or may not be for chicks they may inspire a wander over to the underappreciated sci-fi/fantasy section of your local bookstore.

How about Great Sky River by Gregory Benford

The feel here humans lost as cockroaches amidst the giant and incomprehensible scale of a galactic mechanical civilization is awesome.

Gulliver's Travels with AI anyone? Totally!

Alright, the person who wrote this list can't really write a sentence but please overlook that. I feel that some nerd-some treasures are afoot.

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Peter said...

Hey there -- as the guy who runs Flashlight Worthy I thought I'd stop by and say a few things:

1. Thanks for the shout ouyt -- every little bit helps!

2. Yeah, the descriptions for those sci-fi books is... a bit lacking in grammar and structure. I'll get on him to clean it up.

3. The same guy has a list of fantasy novels as well. Take a look:


4. You clearly know your stuff -- and you have an interesting point of view. How'd you like to write your own list for Flashlight Worthy? (Of course it would have a link back to your blog.) If you're interested, drop me a line at info AT FlashlightWorthy DOT com.

Thanks again for the link.


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