Skewering Harlequin and Other Exercises in Humour

Great profile of Emily Schultz in today's National Post.

Emily Schultz published her first novel, Joyland, with ECW Press in 2005. Her collection of poems, Songs for the Dancing Chicken, was a finalist for the Toronto Book Award for Poetry. And next week, her latest, Heaven Is Small, will appear (this time with Anansi).

I confess, Joyland, is sitting on my shelf and I haven't read it yet. That is really sad because I really do want to read it, it's just that things keep getting in the way, like the fact that Michael Ignatieff's True Patriot Love is out today and I have the manuscript on my e-reader, and I really feel like I should read it... right??

Shit well, anyway, I've committed to reviewing Heaven is Small for this blog.

I'm getting really excited about Toronto's growing community of smart women writers - Lisa Foad, Emily Schultz, Zoe Whittall and more I am forgetting about right now. We are really blessed to have such talented women published locally.

I also want to mention how hilarious it is the Schultz worked at Harlequin. Back when I was at Humber's publishing program, employees from Harlequin came in for a talk that had the flavour of being at a sorority recruitment social. I struggled with whether these women were empowered or cogs in a terrifying machine.

Anywhoo, check out the NP article HERE.

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JK said...

You can download a digital version of Heaven is Small on Shortcovers until Friday:


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