The Nearest Earth-Like Planet is 20 Years Away

And this is only if we master traveling at the speed of light!

But according to the theory of time dilation, we wouldn't age at all!

What the f*ck is time dilation??

This is a sci-fi plot begging to be written! Someone sign this! You could totally get some Benjamin's Buttons Shit going with this one! Well, except for the aging backwards.

You can see that I am suffering sleep deprivation because this is making me crazy excited! The nearest planet is 20 YEARS away? If you think about it, the size of the universe is a total mindjob.

Seriously though, I remember the 15 hour flight to Tokyo and that was hellish enough...20 YEARS?

Unless this is terminally boring you, read this article at Treehugger.

Also, I want to point out how Earth Day appropriate this post is. If we all don't save the planet ASAP, we gotta have a Plan B.

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Joanne said...

Not boring at all. It's times like these that I wish I were smarter - this stuff is fascinating. Reminds me of the Twin Paradox - one twin travels to space and returns to find his earthbound twin has aged much more than himself.


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