The cover of Falling Under by Toronto writer Danielle Younge-Ullman does the book justice.

It's a genre novel - angst-y, sexy, a fast read.

Mara is the child of divorce and has attained independence as an adult as a painter but she is crippled with emotional pain which manifests itself in various fears and anxieties. When she meets Hugo she is forced to confront her pain in order to really connect with this person, as well as her art.

I liked it, after all I'm angst-y and filthy-minded myself. You have to admit, the novel is gutsy - the main character doesn't hold back in her expressions of pain and lust.

A passage, in honour of Smutday:

He puts his hand on your stomach. You shiver. He moves it to your hipbone and rests it there. He watches you and you look back at him...You might not hate this. In fact you might...

He straddles you, placing the weight of his hips on yours. His fingertips stroke your neck, the hollow of your throat, the path between your breasts. He watches, listens to your breath, sees you flinch and shiver and relax.
You find yourself moaning. No one has touched you like this, looked at you like this.

Heat moves deeper, from your skin down into your belly and thighs.
He turns you onto your stomach. Lips to the back of your neck, the crook of your elbow, the inside of your wrist. He touches your palms, your fingers, nibbles on the pad of your thumb. He lies on your back, slides his hands under you and rubs your breasts....

You want to roll over to your back, make him finally do it, but he holds you in place with his body while his fingers torture you.
Nothing will ever fill you up, nothing will ever, ever feel this good and this bad at the same time.

"Do you want me now?" he asks.

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Luanne said...

I read this soon after it came out. I though Yonge-Ullman captured the angst of this character brilliantly.


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