Free Books for London Commuters

London, England is awash in free newspapers - three a day - and very rarely are they recycled.

In such large quantities are they distributed that they end up making a mess of public space.

Last year, one group collected 1500 in one day alone and dumped them in Trafalgar Square as a statement against the wastefulness of these free dailies.

Now, a group called Choose What You Read, has stationed themselves once a month beside the dailies bins and offer free books instead to commuters.

The books are stickered and can be returned or dropped off at a local cinema.

This idea is brills and I'd love for it to happen here. I'd rather read a book any day than Metro or 24Hours.

We have a communal bookshelf in my building laundry room and I see folks picking through it all the time.

The books people drop off are quite good. The adage 'different strokes for different folks' has never worked so well to my advantage. Some dingus even leaves advance reading copies in there, much to my delight.

Happily, in Canada, commuters still seem to be reading old-fashioned novels in droves as evidenced by Seen Reading.

Via Treehugger
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