DVD-Like Features Now Available for E-Books

Random House UK appears to be pioneering the e-book's increase in functionality and furthering of form.
If only e-books could handle this advance though! The features work solely on computers.
As you may know, e-book readers can only recently handle colour, but not video and audio only in certain capacities.
However, according to the National Post, people are reading books on computers (really? who??) and so Random House UK has started to build in special features to some of its e-titles.
The initiative, called Book and Beyond, launched yesterday.
Available so far are Lee Child's Nothing to Lose, (includes an animated graphic novel) and Markus Zusak's The Book Thief, (the reader has the option to either listen to or read the book at the start of each chapter).
Check out the project here: bookandbeyond.com.

I think that the e-reader needs to learn to do a crazy adaptation of Choose Your Own Adventure complete with video and sound. I know that that sounds like a video game but it would be text based, with added features. That whole concept really needs to be revived.

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Luanne said...

Electronics are great (and I'm really coveting a Kindle) but I still like to hold my books!


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