Douche Bag Alert!

Slime has a name and a calling - it's name is Neill Strauss and it started a sub-imprint at Harper Collins US called Igniter (it's part of the It imprint that features 'escapist' books, including an upcoming anthology of tweets).

Neill Strauss infamously wrote the book called The Game where he detailed his experiences living with pick up artists for two years. He's gross and I have photographic evidence:

Moving on, in his latest newsletter he's put out a call for America's next Hunter S. Thompson (my words) to write about, well:

We are looking for a NEW talent and a FRESH voice who wants to co-write a book for a legendary, infamous modern mob figure, whose roots begin at Al Capone and Jimmy Hoffa and extend all the way to Paris Hilton and even Bikram.

All the way to Paris Hilton? Paris? You're not selling me here.

OK, so you want me to hang around with an ex-mobster and write his story. Whaddya need from me?

Are you prepared to get inside someone's head and write a fascinating, interesting, page-turning book in their voice, organizing all their stories, thoughts, and modern mob wisdom into 400 double-spaced pages that tell a complete, flawless story?

You're asking for all this in an open call on the Internet? I doubt even Hunter S. Thompson actually turned in complete, flawless stories, let alone double spaced them.

I can't wait to see the garbage that this wrecking machine spits out.

I know it's a question in many a publisher's mind - what books can we produce that men will actually read? Starting with a subject as stereotypically male as a mobster is a tired way to start out, no matter how 'fresh' (i.e. incoherent) the talent.

Oh and Strauss, if you ever tried your art on me, I'd beat you. Seriously.


umasfeet said...

strauss is just an opportunist with an eye to a market. and the timing of a marketer. survivalist paranoia, anyone? bet that sells as well as a devious pick-up guide for bourbon-drinking nerds. he really is quite hideous. wish bill hicks was still around to deal with him properly, with the best words.

karen said...

i was trying to explain game theory to a couple of guys the other day, they were satisfyingly as disgusted by its douchebaggery as i am. and i agree, i always see it coming a mile away. gross.


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