The Crazy Japanese and Their Writings

It's been coming for a while - crazy Japanese publishing methods.

Let's kick it off with the most recent example - a widow in Japan is publishing an anthology of text messages she sent to her dead husband. She kept his cell charged on his shrine and let it vibrate every time she texted him, just to say hi, or whatever, you know? It's sort of sweet, sort of creepy and makes you think - this book is going to suck. For God's sake, it's a collection of text messages!

It could be just as annoying as those YA books that use chat speak!

Also popular are novels read AND written on cell phones. A typical cell phone novel has 300-500 pages, with 500 characters per screen. Romance is the most popular category with sci fi and horror lagging behind. Technology has even been developed so that sound and video can be incorporated into the story lines.

Most amazing is that this trend started eight years ago! Eight! This is how far behind we are, with our stupid clunky e-Readers and Luddite tendencies. The Japanese are going to be teleporting themselves around the universe while we're still analyzing soil samples taken by robots on Mars!

Anyway, what with Shortcovers happening in Canada, I suppose our collective digital know-how is improving. Yet still, watch out for article after article bemoaning the loss of the mildew smell of a favourite paperback or the prestige of the hardcover (at the always affordable price of $32.00). Kicking and screaming, people, always kicking and screaming.

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