Attractive Women Reading - Tuesday's Photo of the Day

This lady scores double points for her bright yellow tights and her ambitious amount of reading material, including (to the right) all the major classics, if I am not mistaken.

Clearly she has lots of time on her hands, which is upsetting as I look at my overflowing inbox this morning. Still, it's bringing back fond memories of two weekends ago when I sat down with a giant pile of glossy magazines and read them, one after the other, while drinking a tall cup of coffee. Glorious!

Thanks to at mademoiselle-m at deviantART for books from my childhood

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Kathryn said...

How about audio books? Could you listen to one and attack the inbox monster at the same time?

Even if you don't have time, you should go download the free audio book of WHO IS MARK TWAIN? (read by John Lithgow) that The New Yorker is offering:
It's only available for a week!


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