ATM for Books

The Espresso machine is heating up....wait did I just write that cornball sentence? Ohhh boy. It is time for the weekend.

The Espresso is a print-on-demand device. You pick a book from its touchscreen or bring in your own on a CD/USB key and $43 and 300 pages later, you have yourself a book, right then and there.

Primarily, this is awesome for out of print books or course material or for those who can't wait another frickin' moment to read Pride and Prejudice. You see, of course only ancient books with expired copyrights can be printed legally.

This month's Quill & Quire profiles our very own Espresso here in Canada. I believe it's housed at the University of Alberta, I'm sorry, I have to check on that..

Pros: Fast! No waiting! No overprinting! No warehouse costs! Good for the academic market!
Cons: Trees hate this idea! As does Amazon's Kindle!

Via Gizmodo
Via The Guardian


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