Anywhere But Here - Monday's Photo of the Day

This past weekend I went to High Park and wandered around for FOUR hours for no reason, just to escape, really. High Park is big enough to get a little lost in and you can wander off the beaten path and escape the hoards of kids with ice cream cones. I stood at the convergence of four paths and looked around and realized no one was in sight. When you live in a city like Toronto that is a rare occurrence. The feeling was so strange and yet I thought, why don't I do this more often? It's weird to not be completely alone now and again.

Thus, I vote that right now I should be under a pine tree, soaking in the late sun, in some comfy Birks, reading something totally engrossing and fun like A Reliable Wife, with nothing else to do but just be B.

Thanks to JackieJealousy at deviantART for Reading Love.

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