Amazonfail and RIP Eve Sedgwick

Likely you've heard now about Amazonfail, Amazon's superbly irresponsible "ham-fisted error" in which thousands of books, largely with gay/lesbian content, lost their sales rankings and consequently, became harder to find via search.

For example, a search for 'E.M. Forster' failed to bring up Maurice (one of my all-time favourite books).

Hacker? Stupid mistake? Amazon slying trying to impose its own agenda? Who knows? At least Twitter is finally proving its weight in gold thanks to the blinding fury that poured forth in 150 characters or less.

Another book shunned by Amazon - Eve Sedgwick's The Epistemology of the Closet, a bastion of queer theory that fought against the perception that gay and straight people are distinct persons without a common identity. Sedgwick just died two days ago. And yet Amazon continues to differentiate based on sexual orientation. Hopefully the fall out from this is extreme.

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