W-w-wacky Book Format of the Day

Yesterday I posted a story about a thriller that's been written using Google Maps.

For today's edition of How Did They Do It? behold, a short story written using an Excel spreadsheet.

Just hearing the word, that evil evil word, EXCEL, immediately gets my hackles up, I confess. I used to work as a bookkeeper, an evil evil job, and I HATE Excel. It is so simple, so stupid, so mindless, so 'I have given up on life'.

Anyway, the story's called Under the Table. This is how it works: the first spreadsheet contains the story itself. You proceed from left to right, row by row, scrolling through cells containing dialogue and action.

The second spreadsheet contains a chart that attempts to map the characters' intensity of thought.

The author, David Nygren, is accepting input from readers, providing they use track changes.

I give the concept a 7/10, the wackiness factor 15/10 and the medium of expression -1000000000000/10.

Via Boing Boing

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