Tickling My Fancy This Morning

> Anansi is to publish Kathleen Winter's debut novel in 2010. Annabel is apparently the story of a hermaphrodite child in Labrador circa the 1960's. Middlesex, anyone? Anyway, I'm gunning to read Boys (Biblioasis, 2007), her book of short stories, now. It's supposed to delve into the minds of men, a subject which I could care less about, but I have a feeling she's a promising writer.

> I just started reading The Night is a Mouth by Lisa Foad, a Toronto writer. It's rubbing me in all the right ways. I love the language - it's playful, female, young. I just finished reading The Last Lecture, though, so I was ready for anything, anything!, else. Get ready for that book review.

> Russell Smith getting rant-y in yesterday's Globe about idiot Amazon reviewers. Take off the gloves more often, Russell. Comment count for the online post is at 44 while I speak, very respectable. Nice to see Mark Twain, Marcel Proust and Oscar Wilde rousing themselves from the dead to throw out their thoughts. Russell needs to give people more credit, though. I don't think I'm alone in scorning people who get their rocks off by posting reviews that look like "ths bk is sooooodumbb! i ws SO bord whn i rede it!!!! gv me my $$$ bak amazone, K?????"

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