A Thriller Told Using Google Maps = Pure Brilliance

Penguin UK is doing things far more exciting than anyone over on this shore, it seems.

Case in point - six stories told using the Internet, each in a unique way.

A thriller called The 21 Steps by Charles uses Google Maps. The story leads you from point to point on the map as the character, similarly, moves from place to place. Is this making you salivate yet?

Another, Alice in Storyland, was written by Naomi Alderman and took place over emails, website, text messages etc. Readers were even allowed to influence the plot.

Head over HERE to check this out.

I wouldn't say this is the future of the book but it's a good talking point. An electronic book isn't just a reading experience, it's so much more than that, as these stories demonstrate. They test the reader/writer boundary (f0r good or ill, I'm still deciding).

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