The Technological WOW Factor For the Day

Geez, it's Monday and I'm busy - what's with that? But, here I am, getting back on the horse.

I'm all for the e-reader - its portability, its general sexiness, its complete convenience, the way it makes people eye you on the subway. What are they thinking?, is what I want to know. I'm hoping it's "what the bleeding fuck is that thing?" vs. "what is the market value of that thing? I have time to mug her at the next station!"

One problem with the e-reader is the NUMBER of them and also the resulting number of file types. Enter Calibre, designed to convert your e-book file type to one compatible with your e-reader (works for Kindle, Sony e-reader, Stanza reader for the iPhone, and more), hopefully with ease. You can also convert RSS feeds into a certain format for your viewing pleasure.

Via Gizmodo

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