Skim - Even More Proof That High School is Lame

Skim is Kim Cameron. She's not thin, she's sorta Goth, she has this one maybe friend (Lisa) and a secret involving one extremely indiscreet teacher.
Skim's story isn't remarkable. It's not as painfully awkward and therefore awesome as Welcome to the Dollhouse nor is it as sardonic as Ghost World. It's not as deliciously and darkly wrought as My Summer of Love or to go even darker, Heavenly Creatures.

Movie references, I know, but applicable here.

Where Skim does succeed is its depiction of the consequences of the suicide of the (possibly gay) ex-boyfriend of one of the most popular girls in school. When the ex-GF starts going off the rails as well, the school rallies to form a committee called 'Girls Celebrate Life.'

This fascist operation seeks to remedy those supposedly in danger of suicide, like Skim (due to her reputation as a witch and goth and all-round Freak).

It's a poignant look at how the schools that are supposed to support our growth in fact can often end up inadvertently stifling it through ill-conceived intentions.

The drawings, while spare, also manage to be ripe with gothic romanticism.

Reading this book may take only an afternoon but you'll want to keep it on your shelf, if only to turn to from time to time to work out your own perennial angst.

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